In memorium: Wolff

Wolff Obi 2010

I recently got an alumni postcard from UF’s Zoology Department. The back had  an obituary for Ron Wolff, their Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy professor for the past 3 decades. It’s a bummer.

I had him for CVA as well as an Environments of Extinction seminar in 1996 or so. His class was one of the ones that got me into this entire field, so I thank him for it; I borrowed lots of papers from him for term projects on carnivoran skull mechanics (Smilodon ftw) and  the Permian Extinction. I  even returned papers back  then.  As it was required for UF Medical and I believe Veterinary School, it was a huge class, well over 100 students (big for a CVA class) with a brutal lab exam. I took his class, and Dave Webb’s Vertebrate Paleontology class during the same semester. It was crazy. The entire semester, I was either in the CVA lab, or the VP range. Much like my job now.